Things looking up in BCS for Florida

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

All right Florida fans, I've got the scoop directly from the man in the know when it comes to the BCS standings.

Our own Brad Edwards' track record speaks for itself. He was the one saying after the SEC Championship Game last year that LSU would jump Georgia into the second spot in the final BCS standings, and he was dead on. (Edwards also discussed the BCS standings on Mike & Mike.)

This year, he thinks the Gators are in excellent shape if they can finish up 12-1 and win the SEC title.

"Assuming Penn State and Texas Tech aren't both undefeated, I think Florida has a great chance to get in at 12-1," Edwards said.

Texas Tech plays Oklahoma State at home this Saturday and then plays at Oklahoma in two weeks.

Edwards said it helps Florida if Alabama remains unbeaten and is 12-0 when they meet in the SEC Championship Game. A win over the No. 1 Crimson Tide would really give the Gators some extra pop with the voters and in the computer rankings.

"The Big 12 champ is the only one-loss team that would have a chance to finish ahead of Florida, and I think there's even an outside shot the Gators could jump an undefeated Penn State if Texas Tech and Penn State both win out," Edwards said.

So, in other words Gator fans, root hard for Alabama and root hard for Oklahoma State this Saturday.

And take care of your own business.