Texas A&M, UCLA to meet in 2016, 2017

Isn't it about time we see more Pac-12 vs. SEC nonconference matchups in the regular season?

Texas A&M and UCLA certainly think so, as they've inked a home-and-home series for 2016 and 2017. UCLA will come to Kyle Field in 2016, and Texas A&M will return the visit to the Rose Bowl in 2017.

It's rare that we see a Pac-12-SEC matchup in the regular season and even rarer when they play home and home. LSU and Oregon met a few years back in Arlington, Texas, and Tennessee and Oregon just completed a home-and-home series.

But to see Texas A&M and UCLA going on the road to face each other is a refreshing sign, not to mention a sign of things to come in the College Football Playoff era. We're sure to see more of these types of matchups with strength of schedule being weighted so heavily by the selection committee.

Here's a look at some of the higher-profile nonconference games on tap the next few years involving SEC teams:


  • Alabama vs. West Virginia, in Atlanta

  • Ole Miss vs. Boise State, in Atlanta

  • LSU vs. Wisconsin, in Houston, Texas

  • Tennessee at Oklahoma

  • Clemson at Georgia

  • Arkansas at Texas Tech

  • Auburn at Kansas State


  • Alabama vs. Wisconsin, Arlington, Texas

  • Texas A&M vs. Arizona State, in Houston, Texas

  • Oklahoma at Tennessee

  • South Carolina vs. North Carolina, in Charlotte, N.C.

  • Auburn vs. Louisville, in Atlanta

  • Texas Tech at Arkansas


  • UCLA at Texas A&M

  • Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech, in Bristol, Tenn.

  • LSU vs. Wisconsin, in Green Bay, Wis.


  • Texas A&M at UCLA

  • Florida vs. Michigan, in Arlington, Texas

  • Purdue at Missouri

  • North Carolina State at LSU

  • Georgia Tech at Ole Miss