SEC getting HD instant replay system

It may be a bit too late as far as LSU fans are concerned, but High Definition (HD) instant replay is coming to the SEC next season.

The folks on the Bayou are still lamenting Patrick Patterson's "interception" on the sideline last season against Alabama that wasn't ruled an interception on the field or the replay booth.

XOS Digital, Inc., the leading provider of digital technologies for sports teams nationwide, will implement the company’s next generation HD instant replay system for this upcoming football season.

According to XOS president Mark Hudgins, XOS conducted “extensive” market research to create an HD instant replay system that provides a superior video quality made possible by uncompressed video recording and playback. Uncompressed HD video provides officials with a clearer view of the play in question than what fans see at home.

The XOS HD Replay system will provide the SEC with a variety of distinct capabilities aimed at making the officiating workflow more efficient. For example, the conference can export video and game data to its media delivery platforms, including XOS Studio, for further analysis by conference officials.

“The highly critical nature of officiating warrants the priority we’ve given to our instant replay technology,” said Mike Slive, SEC commissioner. “Our football programs are worthy of the best resources available, and that is why we’ve chosen to incorporate HD instant replay technology for the 2010 season, and are pleased to be working with XOS in this endeavor.”

Now that HD will be a fixture in all the replay booths around the SEC, I'm sure we won't have any more controversies or cries of this team or that team getting all the calls.

Yeah, right.