Checking in on the Auburn Tigers

AUBURN, Ala. -- I'll be in Auburn the next couple of days, and I look forward to catching up with coach Gene Chizik and several of the Tigers' players.

At some point, I'll be sure to grab a lemonade, too, up at Toomer's Corner. Some of the best anywhere.

There's a lot of momentum on the Plains right now coming off a stellar recruiting class and a solid first season under this coaching staff.

Can they keep it going in what should be a compelling Western Division race in 2010?

I know it's early and a lot can change. But when you look at the first half of the Tigers' schedule next season, it's not unreasonable to think that they could be 5-1 (at worst) at the midway point.

Here's the other thing: They only have four road games in 2010. But the downer is that they have to play 11 straight weeks again before getting a bye.