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Friday, December 19, 2008
Sizing up the SEC's best games, plays in 2008

By staff

Posted by's Chris Low

I'm asking for your expert advice, which I get plenty of and appreciate during the season. Well, at least the G-rated advice.

Anyway, how would you rank the best five games of the season in the SEC, and how would you rank the 10 best plays of the season in the SEC?

The games have to be between two SEC teams. However, the play can come from any game involving an SEC team this season.

I'll go ahead and throw my top game out there, and I think it's pretty obvious. Florida's 31-20 win over Alabama in the SEC Championship Game really did live up to the hype, which is saying something when you consider how much hype surrounded that game.

It was the kind of game -- so well-played with two great coaches and players all over the field coming up clutch -- that you wanted it to go on for two or three more quarters.

As for the plays, I'll throw a few out there that grabbed me this season:

Now, these are just a few I came up with in a short period of time. So think about it, get back to me through the mailbag, and let's come up with a top 10 for the season.

Check back Monday, and we'll have the finished product on the games and plays of the year in the SEC.