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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Mount Rushmore: SEC East teams

By staff

Posted by's Chris Low

First of all, thanks for your input on the Mount Rushmore selections for all 12 of the SEC football programs.

Whew, what a task.

Narrowing it down to four at each school was impossible to do. You can't without leaving off so many deserving individuals.

But with your input, as well as discussions with several others around the league, here's my best shot. We'll do the Eastern Division first and come back with the Western Division later Wednesday.

The four individuals who make up that school's Mount Rushmore are listed alphabetically, and I'll also include a few people who just missed the cut:


Just missed the cut: Jeremy Foley, Wilbur Marshall, Emmitt Smith, Jack Youngblood.


Just missed the cut: Champ Bailey, David Pollack, Mark Richt, Frank Sinkwich, Fran Tarkenton, Charley Trippi.


Just missed the cut: Tim Couch, Fran Curci, Lou Michaels, Derrick Ramsey, Art Still.


Just missed the cut: Jim Carlen, Todd Ellis, Jeff Grantz, Bob Fulton, Tommy Suggs.


Just missed the cut: Doug Atkins, Doug Dickey, Phillip Fulmer, Bob Suffridge, Al Wilson.


Just missed the cut: Earl Bennett, Watson Brown, Josh Cody, Jamie Duncan, Carl Hinkle.