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Friday, April 1, 2011
On the field, LSU rules supreme at home

By Chris Low

My interest was perked by the earlier post concerning the formula Football Outsiders came up with to measure home-field advantage in college football from 2003-10.

Using their formula, Mississippi State was the only team in the SEC to rank among the top 10 nationally.

Well, I heard from several of you, so I decided to go back and see what the actual home records were for SEC teams during that span. One thing I did differently was to look only at those games against SEC opponents and nationally ranked nonconference opponents.

It had to be a true home game, although I did include Arkansas’ games in Little Rock.

For the record, Mississippi State was tied with Kentucky at No. 10 in the SEC. Both were 11-23 (.323).

And as I suspected, LSU had the best record. The Tigers are 27-7 (.794) in Tiger Stadium over the last eight years against SEC foes and nationally ranked foes. Two of those losses were in overtime, and a third was in triple overtime.

Here’s a rundown, and again, these are the home records of all 12 SEC schools against league teams and nationally ranked teams from 2003-10:

1. LSU: 27-7 (.794)
2. Georgia: 22-9 (.710)
3. Florida: 21-9 (.700)
4. Auburn: 23-10 (.697)
5. Alabama: 22-12 (.647)
6. Tennessee: 21-13 (.618)
7. South Carolina: 18-17 (.514)
8. Arkansas:17-17 (.500)
9. Ole Miss: 14-18 (.437)
10. Kentucky: 11-23 (.323)
10. Mississippi State: 11-23 (.323)
12. Vanderbilt: 6-27 (.182)