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Monday, February 6, 2012
Monday chat wrap

By Edward Aschoff

It's time to recap Monday's chat.

As usual, the SEC fans came out in full force for our weekly convo on what's going on in the wild world of the SEC.

Here's a quick preview if you thought that board meeting was more important than talking a little SEC football and missed out on all the fun:

Cameron (Baltimore)
Ed what do you know about Shaq Roland? Everything I've heard about him is good and do you think he has what it takes to be a playmaker in the SEC?

Edward Aschoff (12:03 PM)
I really think that he can be a star in this league. He's a tough player and a very, very good athlete. He has tremendous speed and can make people miss when he has the ball. South Carolina needs receiving help and the Gamecocks got it in Roland. I think if he can get the playbook down early, he'll compete for solid playing time in his first year.

Sylvain (Calgary)
Hey Ed, I've been very impressed with what Georgia has done on the field and in their last 2 recruiting classes...Do you see them at this rate regaining their top dog status in the east that they held for the first part of the last decade?

Edward Aschoff (12:05 PM)
Georgia always gets the athletes. Talent isn't the question. It's all about attitude and the mindset of these players and coaches. Will the conservative play at the wrong time return? Will players feel entitled when they are picked to win? I could see a change in the way this team approached games after losing to South Carolina last season. I think Aaron Murray is a tremendous leader and still has some growing to do, but he knows how to be THE GUY. I like the way this team is built, but I want to see what happens when the target is on its back to start the year.

Bryan (Springdale, AR)
What is it going to take for the Hogs to be on par with LSU and Alabama? How do they break through?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)
The Razorbacks have made tremendous strides in the last two years. I know people look at the recruiting stars and say Arkansas just doesn't cut it, but there's no question that Bobby Petrino develops his players, especially on offense. I think it's all about beating both of them in the same season. Making it to the SEC championship game and winning it. Can Arkansas get to the BCS title game? Defensively, Arkansas has to improve its depth year in and year out. Challenge those teams' lines are important.

Donald (Birmingham)
Is your Jordan Diamond a big time pick up for Auburn?

Edward Aschoff (12:09 PM)
Auburn needed linemen and did OK I guess ... and by OK I mean great. Auburn really impressed me with that lineman class. I think getting Diamond was huge because you can never have too many tackles and he's extremely athletic. You have to win the battle up front.

Kevin (Huntsville, Alabama)
Just Read that Coach Dooley is having his Tennessee players have closer relationships with each other off the field with a Madden 2012 tournament. Do you think other coaches could learn from this?

Edward Aschoff (12:11 PM)
No matter what it is, if you can get players to be bond then you're on the right path. Tennessee had issues with players buying in last season and there was concern that it might bleed over to this season. If you can get them together now, it will go a long way for this team.

Andre (Monticello, FL)
Ed, with Florida having the 4th rated recruiting class how much of an impact this class will have along with the youth and talent they already have. Could this be at least a nine win season.

Edward Aschoff (12:13 PM)
I think you see D.J. Humphries on the field early because of how talented he is at the tackle spot and the issues the Gators have had there. Dunker could also compete for time up front because Florida's line wasn't exactly good last season. If Florida gets Stefon Diggs I think he plays early as well. This class hit the line of scrimmage hard and that's what Will Muschamp needed. The impacts will come up front and if Diggs signs. Not sure about win numbers yet because I don't know how this offense will look just yet.