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Monday, February 13, 2012
Monday chat wrap

By Edward Aschoff

We had another solid chat earlier today.

You can tell that people are pretty ready for spring football to start.

Here's a preview of what you missed if you couldn't make it:
Doug (Greenville, SC)
I say BAMA has a very good shot at repeating, and going back to back. They have been, and continue to be elite at recruiting and then also developing these kids into NFL players. What do you think?

Edward Aschoff (12:03 PM)
Recruiting well always help. There's no doubt about that. The offense should be better, even without Trent Richardson, in my opinion, because of the maturity of AJ McCarron. I still wonder about the defense. Yes, it isn't exactly the 2010 situation, but Alabama is losing a lot on that side of the ball. There's no way there isn't a dip after a stellar 2011 campaign on that side.

Chris (Atlanta)
Ed I hope your monday is going well. The assumption is that Marlin lane will be the starting tailback for Tennessee. Does he have what it takes? If not him is there anyone else on the team that could make a splash this year.

Edward Aschoff (12:04 PM)
I remember covering him a little in high school and he was one of the top running backs in the state of Florida back then. He's a big body, but he also shows pretty good speed. It all comes down to his determination and if the offensive line steps up this year. That line underachieved last year and it hurt the running game, but Lane certainly has to show more than he did last year. I think he has the tools.

Darrell P (Maumelle AR)
Everyone says the SEC is heading to 16 teams. If you were in a 20 dollar office pool, what two teams would you put your money on ending up in the SEC to get it to 16 teams?

Edward Aschoff (12:05 PM)
I think that college football is headed for more expansion and I guarantee the SEC won't be sitting and watching. I think that if the conference has the chance to expand and should expand, then Mike Slive will make it happen. I'm not sure what teams because he's said he doesn't want to dip into markets the SEC already owns. Maybe Va Tech finally comes around ...

Gene Chizik (AU)
Ed, thanks for all you and Chris do on the blog. Who do you think I should hire to take over coaching the DBs?

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)
Good to hear from you, Gene. Always good working with you. You know there are some pretty good candidates out there. I wouldn't be surprised if you were talk with Willie Martinez. I've heard his name sprinkled around here and there and I think he could do a pretty good job. My NCAA '11 Playstation defense was No. 2 in pass defense so I'm always up for an interview.

Blues (Alabama)
Dash - the people on the message boards say you never respond to their questions, but I pointed out that you always answer me. How 'bout popping that collar?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)
Absolutely no popping of the collar. Can't do it. Won't do it.

Josh A (Macon, Ga)
What's you opinion on UGA heading into 2012? Contender or Pretender?

Edward Aschoff (12:09 PM)
I think Georgia has the talent to be a contender. I really do. I think that defense will be just as good as it was last year and anytime Aaron Murray is your quarterback you're goign to be fine. However, that line does lose a couple of studs and I want to see Isaiah Crowell grow up. He let little injuries take him out of key games. He can't do that anymore. I think Georgia enters the year as the SEC East favorite.

Chris (Johnson City, TN)
Florida looks to be in good shape to pick up some commitments at their Junior Day this weekend. Do you think Muschamp will make up for the weak offensive class of this past year with a killer group of skill position guys for '13?

Edward Aschoff (12:10 PM)
I think he has to. Florida really struck out on offense, if you ask me. Only two offensive lineman, one running back and one proven wide receiver. Florida needed a proven playmaker on offense and didn't get it. I think Muschamp has to do much better with the 2013 class.

Kevin (TX)
I have heard Coach "Rumlin Fumlin Stumlin" Sumlin mention that putting points on the board is the main focus early until the defense gets improvement up front. That sounds like a lopsided offense with a spread attack to me. However, I feel that Christine Michael, Ben Malena, and now Trey Williams will be able to find holes and get into space behind one of the biggest AND most athletic O lines in the country. Will the schemes in the SEC create more issues or is it mainly the size and athletic ability that will take time to adjust toward?

Edward Aschoff (12:12 PM)
When talking with other coaches, they say that it isn't the scheme of the spread that struggles, it's the size up front. When Florida was trying to implement the spread in Urban's first two years, there wasn't enough speed to take away the outside rush. So they had to get bigger and physical up front. That helped the read option, so did adding Tebow to the offense. I think Sumlin's offense will be fine one it gets bigger and more athletic up front. There is speed to compete there.