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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
More changes for Gamecocks' play calling?

By staff

Steve Spurrier made it known last week that he was going to take over more of the play calling the rest of the season from his son, Steve Spurrier Jr.

Or as the Head Ball Coach said it, be the "principal" playcaller.

Well, now, he tells Ron Morris of The State newspaper that he might turn over those duties next season to quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus.

I understand that Spurrier has wanted for a couple of years now to delegate more of those responsibilities to his staff. He's also convinced that the Gamecocks' problems this season on offense are more tied to execution than they are play calling.

Still, it's hard to argue with the flow of the game offensively for South Carolina last week in its 24-14 loss to Florida and the way Spurrier was able to counter what the Gators were doing defensively until that crippling interception in the fourth quarter. After that, Florida just came after Stephen Garcia.

I still believe that the Head Ball Coach is one of the top playcallers in the college game, maybe the top playcaller.

Having talented players who can execute what you call is the most important facet of play calling. Likewise for putting players in a position to make plays.

But having a feel for the game, picking up on tendencies and getting into the mind of the opposing defensive coordinator are also qualities any good playcaller has. Spurrier's the best in the business at all three, which is why the Gamecocks' best chance to break through is going to come with Spurrier calling most, if not all, of the plays.