'Simply Saturday' in the SEC

The "Simply Saturday" series currently running on ESPN.com features three former Auburn players in the latest installment.

Aundray Bruce was No. 29, Tracy Rocker No. 27 and Pat Sullivan No. 23 in the countdown of those players who had great college careers, but didn't have memorable NFL careers.

I'm going to come up with my own list later this week of the greatest SEC players of my lifetime (dating back to the early 1970s) who didn't go on to stardom in the NFL for various reasons.

I could use your help, too.

So send me your memories of those SEC players who were great at the college level, but not necessarily great NFL players.

There are a few obvious ones: Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel, Georgia defensive end David Pollack, Kentucky quarterback Tim Couch and Tennessee quarterback Condredge Holloway.

That's just a start.

Send me your lists and we'll put together the SEC version of "Simply Saturday" later this week.