Other talented SEC players dismissed

As we all continue to process what the departure of tailback Isaiah Crowell will mean to Georgia’s football team this season, he has to rank up there among the most talented players to be booted from an SEC team.

I realize that Cam Newton’s name will immediately come up, but Newton has said that it was his choice to leave Florida after getting into trouble there with the stolen laptop.

As for other players who were dismissed from SEC teams or kicked out of school, some of the more talented ones that come to mind include, in no order:

  • Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins

  • Tennessee safety Janzen Jackson

  • Tennessee running back Onterrio Smith

  • LSU running back Cecil Collins

  • Georgia quarterback Zach Mettenberger

  • Georgia running back Jasper Sanks

  • South Carolina running back Demetris Summers

  • South Carolina running back Derek Watson

  • Tennessee running back Reggie Cobb

  • LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux

  • South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia

  • Alabama defensive tackle Michael Myers

  • Ole Miss receiver Pat Patterson

Who else did I miss? I’m sure there are a ton of other names out there.

Let’s hear them.