D.J. Fluker trash talks USC about Tide; Zach Banner raises (large) eyebrow

USC offensive tackle Zach Banner, a likely preseason All-American, is huge (6-foot-9, 360 pounds), smart and social-media savvy. So he's not likely to get into a battle of Twitter verbiage over the Trojans' marquee season opener against Alabama, the defending national champions.

That said, he is not going to let a comment like this from former Alabama and current San Diego Chargers offensive lineman D.J. Fluker completely slide.

Banner replied in three three Tweets, taking note, paying due respect to Fluker and Alabama and taking the high road, while being just a tad annoyed.

Anyone else getting excited about Sept. 3, the greatest opening weekend in college football history?

Banner, of course, rose to Twitter fame when he documented his ordeal while trapped with a teammate in an elevator.