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1. Texas A&M's 45-37 win over West Virginia in the Autozone Liberty Bowl showed that the offense in College Station has a pretty good chance of being bright, but the game also had a dark side. Outside of all the ridiculous penalties, such as a shot below the waist, plenty of pushing, a finger gesture and some helmet-to-helmet hits, there was something even uglier. I know Aggies fans don't want to hear about it anymore because the game is over and coach Kevin Sumlin took proper action at halftime, but the actions of student assistant Mike Richardson during the first half of the game were totally unacceptable and embarrassing. ESPN cameras caught him making contact with opposing players -- even violently pushing a West Virginia player's helmet -- while on the sideline. After Sumlin was made aware of Richardson's foolishness, he took him off the sideline and left him in the locker room at halftime. Kudos to Sumlin, and here's to hoping there's more punishment ahead for Richardson because what he did marred an otherwise exciting game and it could have been very dangerous. When you put on headphones and stand on the sideline in your school's colors you take on the responsibility of representing your school, team and coaches. This was awful.

Here's what West Virginia cornerback Daryl Worley tweeted after Richardson's elbow struck him in the back of the head:

2. Georgia might be in the market for a new offensive coordinator, but one thing the new guy won't have to worry about is finding a No. 1 receiver for whoever the new starting quarterback is. That's right, Georgia will have a new starting quarterback in 2015 to go along with a new offensive coordinator and new offensive line coach. But let's forget about that for a second. The good news is that Malcolm Mitchell is coming back. @hile he wasn't his same dynamic self in 2014, with some time to heal and some time to get his feet back, Mitchell should have no problem being a very good No. 1 guy for the Bulldogs' next starting quarterback.

3. OK, so this is cheating a little, but when you get to run the links for a couple of days, you're allowed to do whatever you want. Because there was so much fun stuff with Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin on Monday, here are some links to check out:

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