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Tennessee coach Derek Dooley is making an impact away from the football field in Knoxville.

Though his priorities lie in guiding the Vols' football program, Dooley has taken some time away from the football grind to give back to his local community.

As part of his ongoing work with Variety -- The Children's Charity of East Tennessee -- Dooley joined former Tennessee tight end Jason Witten and his SCORE Foundation to help fund the renovation and development of the Dooley-Witten Learning Center, which was dedicated Thursday.

"There are people that create problems, there are people that talk about problems and there are people that solve problems," Dooley said. "The Boys & Girls Club has been a problem solver ever since its inception. I've always felt like if everybody just put their energy on their local communities to solve the problems together, then we wouldn't have as many problems as we have all over the world.

"We have so much right here locally that we can do. That's where we have put our energy on trying to help solve problems at a local level. I've always felt like there's no greater resource in this country than our young people because they are the future problem solvers."

Witten, who is entering his 10th season with the Dallas Cowboys, was once a member of the Boys & Girls Club as a child growing up in East Tennessee.

"I'm a living example of being a part of the club and having good examples in front of me every day," Witten said. "Amongst the challenges that took place in my own life, people believed in me and they showed me a way to allow me to have a chance."

For more on Dooley and Witten working with the Halls/Powell Boys & Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley, check out the Vols' official website.

Speaking of giving back, this year's Iron Bowl won't just be about football when Alabama and Auburn get together. Mike Herdon of The Mobile Press-Register wrote on Thursday about an Iron Bowl giveaway to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Those who purchase a $50 ticket for an educational event for LLS held by Jeb Shell of Mobile, a candidate for the 2012 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Man of the Year, on June 27 in Mobile, Ala., will be entered into a drawing for a package that includes six tickets to the Iron Bowl, transportation by private jet and private shuttle service from the airport to Bryant-Denny Stadium and back.

All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the LLS.

Top 100 NFL list includes 13 from SEC

July, 6, 2011
The NFL players have spoken, casting their votes for the top 100 players in the NFL game today.

You can view their list on Before you go there, want to venture a guess on which conference had the most players?

It wasn't the SEC, nor was it the Big Ten.

It was the Big East with 16.

Now, there's a bit of a catch. We counted those Miami players who played for the Hurricanes when they were competing in the Big East as representing the Big East ... and not the ACC. The same goes for Michael Vick at Virginia Tech.

We also counted those Nebraska and Colorado players making the list as being from the Big 12, even though the Huskers are moving to the Big Ten and the Buffs to the Pac-12 this coming season.

The SEC and Big Ten tied for second behind the Big East, each with 13 players making the top 100. The ACC had 12, and the Pac-12 had 11. The Big 12 had just seven. Notre Dame had one, and the remaining 27 players were from non-BCS schools and/or smaller schools.

Miami led all teams nationally with 10 players. Tennessee was second on the list with six.

There are two ways to look at it from the Vols' perspective. One, they've done a good job of producing premium NFL talent. And two, they haven't done a whole lot with that talent, as it's been 13 years since they last won an SEC championship.

Would you believe that Alabama and Florida didn't have a single player on the list and that LSU has just one? Those three teams have combined for five of the past eight BCS national championships.

Here's a rundown of the SEC players:


No. 2 - QB Peyton Manning (1994-97)
No. 25 - RB Arian Foster (2005-08)
No. 36 - TE Jason Witten (2000-02)
No. 62 - LB Jerod Mayo (2005-07)
No. 93 - S Eric Berry (2007-09)
No. 99 - OT Chad Clifton (1996-99)


No. 48 - CB Champ Bailey (1996-98)
No. 66 - DE Richard Seymour (1997-2000)


No. 98 - RB Darren McFadden (2005-07)


No. 75 - DE Jay Ratliff (2001-04)


No. 45 - WR Dwayne Bowe (2003-06)


No. 23 - LB Patrick Willis (2003-06)


No. 69 - DE John Abraham (1996-99)

SEC trails only ACC in Pro Bowl players

January, 19, 2011
Turns out the SEC isn't No. 1 in everything when it comes to football.

OK, just kidding around, so no reason to flood me with e-mails, Big Ten and Pac-10 fans. I realize quality football is played in other parts of the country over and above the SEC. It's just that the trophy cases are a little dusty and barren in those other parts of the country.

With that said, would you believe that the ACC leads the way this season in producing Pro Bowl players? Actually, it's the third straight year that the ACC has sent the most players to the NFL's all-star event. The ACC has 19 former players in the game this season. The SEC is second with 13 and the Pac-10 third with 12.

Tennessee was the SEC team with the most players selected (five). LSU was the only other team in the league to have more than one selected. The Tigers had two. Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt were the only four SEC teams that didn't have a Pro Bowl player this year.

Here's a list of the SEC players in the 2011 Pro Bowl:
* Out of the game due to injury

SEC's Pro Bowl selections

January, 26, 2010
The SEC has 14 players on the Pro Bowl roster, although some of them won't play because they're in the Super Bowl.

Alabama and Tennessee lead the way with three players apiece. Here's a look at the SEC players who made it this season. The game will be played Sunday in Miami:


Roman Harper, S, Saints, NFC

Le'Ron McClain, FB, Ravens, AFC

DeMeco Ryans, LB, Texans, AFC


Jay Ratliff, DT, Cowboys, NFC


Percy Harvin, KR, Vikings, NFC


Champ Bailey, CB, Broncos, AFC

Jon Stinchcomb, OT, Saints, NFC


Alan Faneca, OG, Jets, AFC

Kevin Mawae, C, Titans, AFC


Patrick Willis, LB, 49ers, NFC


Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings, NFC


Shaun Ellis, DE, Jets, AFC

Peyton Manning, QB, Colts, AFC

Jason Witten, TE, Cowboys, NFC



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