Oral history: Florida-Kentucky 2014 -- Jeff Driskel's overtime touchdown

The Gators beat the Wildcats in triple overtime, but they wouldn't have gotten there without Demarcus Robinson's TD catch in the first OT period that came after a controversial snap. Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

The scene: Muggy September night inside the Swamp. Kentucky leads Florida 27-20 in overtime. It's fourth-and-7 at the Kentucky 9-yard-line and stunned Gators fans are nervously watching what appears could be a numbing home loss to the Wildcats, a team Florida had beaten 27 straight times.

The play: Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel lines up in the shotgun on fourth-and-7 at the 9. The play clock is winding down and just as it hits double zeros, center Max Garcia snaps it to Driskel. He drops back, looks to his left and in a last-ditch effort throws a fade off his back foot to receiver Demarcus Robinson who makes a basket catch just behind safety Ashely Lowery. Controversy ensues about whether Driskel got the play off on time, but it was never reviewed. Florida eventually wins 36-30 on a 1-yard touchdown run by running back Matt Jones in triple overtime.

Florida guard Trip Thurman (from the field): "It was kind of a sigh of relief. It was the greatest feeling to come out of that game with a win. I remember the ball going up and I was just hoping that [Robinson] would come down with it. It was definitely an exciting time and an exciting moment. I believe we ran 120-something snaps that day so I had more of an exhausting jog to celebrate."

So, about that snap ...: "I knew there was some controversy on whether he got the snap off or not, but I was just ecstatic that we scored that touchdown and we still had a chance to win."

And when Jones fell into the end zone for the win? "That final touchdown was when I kind of just collapsed on Matt Jones in the end zone. He ran behind me and Max [Garcia] I believe. It was one of those feelings that you're just glad it's over and you're glad you got the outcome you wanted."

Kentucky quarterback Patrick Towles (from the sideline): "Obviously, I was not extremely excited about it. Jeff threw a really good ball and the receiver made a really good play. We had other chances in overtime to win the game, so we can't put the blame on anybody else but ourselves."

From where you were, did you think Jeff got the snap off in time? "I didn't think he did, but it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what the refs think. They're the experts, and they thought he did. I'm sure there were more calls that we got that were questionable in that game. It's just the nature of football. It definitely didn't end the way we wanted."

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops (from the sideline): "It was really disappointing. We had too many opportunities to win the game and did not come up with the stops when we needed to or didn't score the touchdown when we needed to. We had our opportunities, but came up short."

Were you ever satisfied with an answer from the refs about Driskel's touchdown pass? "There's really nothing I can do about it or say about, to be honest with you. I'm in a no-win situation. Right or wrong or whatever [the refs] tell me, I'm not allowed share with you [how he thinks] or I'll get fined. [Laughs.] Was I satisfied? No, but I don't think I'm allowed to say anything more."

Florida safety Marcus Maye (from the sideline): "Coach called the right play, Demarcus ran the right route and Jeff put it on the money. He was wide open and he caught it. It was a sigh of relief. We threw it to one of our best receivers and it was a great moment. I was like, 'Thank you.' We needed that. I jumped up and down, everyone on the field ran straight to the corner [where Robinson was] and everyone was hugging and jumping around on the sideline."

Did you see the game clock when it happened? "I saw it [ticking down] and I knew we had to get it off in time and once I was looking at the clock and I looked down on the field and I thought we got it off in time. Jeff let it go, Demarcus caught it and that was it."

Kentucky safety A.J. Stamps (from the sideline): "Obviously, he caught the ball and they won the game in triple overtime. It happened, it's football. We came out on the bad end of it, but it's football."