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This much we know after Vanderbilt’s spring football game on Saturday: Patton Robinette leads Johnny McCrary and others in the race to become the Commodores’ starting quarterback. But Vandy still has miles to go at the position if it is to become more competitive this fall. Vandy’s quarterbacks combined for five interceptions and were sacked seven times in the scrimmage, which the defense won 38-24 through a modified scoring system. That’s not a particularly good sign for the Commodores after a season where their quarterback carousel seemed to spin on a weekly basis. New offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig’s bunch clearly has a long way to go, and it has to start with getting more consistent play at quarterback. Robinette and McCrary are apparently the top two contenders, but this competition might continue for a while.

It seems everyone, including the President, has an opinion these days on whether college athletes should be compensated. President Obama weighed in on the subject in an interview with the Huffington Post, saying that compensating athletes would lead to bidding wars and “ruin the sense of college sports.” However, Obama suggested that universities have a responsibility to take better care of their athletes than they currently do in many cases. He agrees with the concept of guaranteed athletic scholarships as long as the athlete remains in good academic standing and also raised the issue of fairness when athletes’ eligibility can be called into question for receiving something like a free tattoo while their coaches and administrators often make millions of dollars per year. This debate won’t end anytime soon, although we could gain a measure of clarity later this year when a federal labor board rules on the attempt to unionize made by a group of Northwestern football players.

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