Who will make the tough catches at Georgia?


Chris Conley and Michael Bennett might not have put up elite numbers during their time at Georgia, but both were incredibly dependable wide receivers. So with both gone, we have to wonder who will be the ones to take over the responsibility of making all those tough catches in a crowd? Who will be that safety net on critical third-down situations?

Who will be those dependable guys to keep drives alive?

For now, veteran Malcolm Mitchell will likely get the early looks when it comes to clutch moments because he has assumed that role before and is Georgia's go-to receiver, but he's also had an injury history, so you have to wonder how much he will be used over the middle in all that traffic.

Even if Mitchell were 200 percent healthy, he's going to need help on critical passing plays.

“That’ll be interesting to see," coach Mark Richt said. "Malcolm [Mitchell] made a lot of tough catches this spring, I’ll say that for him. Isaiah [McKenzie] actually makes catches in the crowd. I’m trying to think of any other guys that had opportunities. But that'll be interesting to see. Because that is very important."

There certainly are options to help out -- even if some are undersized and others are unproven -- and you can read more about them by checking out The Macon (Georgia) Telegraph.