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May, 20, 2013
A check of what's shaking in and around the SEC:
GREENSBORO, Ga. -- The Mark Richt contract news out of Thursday’s University of Georgia Athletic Association Board of Directors meeting is that there is still no news.

“We are so close to getting the final T's crossed and I's dotted,” athletic director Greg McGarity told the board. “We’re there. It’s just a matter of legal wording that needs taking care of and deal points that have all been covered.”

McGarity informed the board that Richt’s $2.8 million base pay “basically stays where it is right now,” although the two sides are finalizing several changes to Richt’s deal.

UGA announced on March 12 that it was adding three years to the football coach’s contract, extending his deal through 2016. McGarity said Thursday that while Richt’s base salary will remain the same, his contract incentives -- pay bumps for accomplishments like BCS and SEC championships and bowl appearances -- will double.

“All the important performance bonuses, which means bowls, which means BCS championship appearances, they really increased 100 percent,” McGarity said. “One of the things was basically rewarding excellence. I don’t think anybody has a problem at all when we do great things as far as competing for SEC championships, participating in BCS bowls, so there is a lot of incentive in that.”

McGarity added that “there will be some adjustments” to Richt’s buyout and that the language in the document will be much simpler than in the coach’s current contract.

McGarity said he hopes to have versions of contracts for Richt and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham -- who he confirmed is in line for a raise to his $750,000 salary -- available for public consumption in the near future, but the legal wrangling over final details prevented them from being completed in time for Thursday’s board meeting.

He said the holdup is not the product of contentious negotiations between UGA and the Richt and Grantham camps.

“We all agree on everything,” McGarity said. “It’s just a matter of going through that process of our legal counsel. I don’t know what their caseload is like. As long as it’s all agreed upon, everybody is sort of in a good place.”

McGarity first revealed that UGA would revisit the coaches’ contracts nearly seven months ago and has insisted for months that negotiations moved along smoothly. UGA president Michael Adams reiterated McGarity’s point that the lack of resolution is not a source of frustration on his end.

“This is simple nitpick lawyering at this point,” Adams said. “If it was something else, I think I would tell you. But these things sometimes just take more time than when you get into them you think they’re going to. They’re complicated. These are high-profile people. They have a lot of obligations to us and we require a lot of obligations to them.”

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May, 3, 2012
It's that time again; time for a little linkage:

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February, 9, 2012
Checking out what's going on in the SEC with some links while you chow down on the turkey sandwich.

Georgia players face legal trouble

July, 11, 2010
A pair of Georgia players find themselves facing disciplinary action following alcohol-related arrests early Saturday morning.

Reserve running back Dontavius Jackson was charged with six misdemeanors, including drunken driving. Starting receiver Tavarres King was charged with underage possession of alcohol. University of Georgia Athletic Association policy mandates at least a one-game suspension for a football player arrested on an alcohol-related charge.

King had been one of Georgia's most promising up-and-coming receivers throughout the spring and offseason.

These arrests come less than a week after Georgia athletic director Damon Evans resigned his position in the wake of DUI charges against him. And for anybody wondering why Georgia president Michael Adams made the decision he did, that Evans could no longer effectively lead the Georgia athletic department, this kind of thing is the very reason.

Can you imagine Evans trying to stand up now and denounce this kind of behavior? His words would ring a tad hollow.

In short, Adams made the only decision he could.

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July, 7, 2010
Making the rounds in the SEC: