All We Want for Christmas . . .

Yao Ming

"Look kid, I can’t get you a Zhu Zhu Pet, but I’ve got an inside tip on a Zhizhi."

It’s the night before Christmas, and all through the house is last-minute gift-giving panic. While you’re in line outside Toys "R" Us hoping for that 11th-hour shipment, let’s look back on athlete toy fads over the years:

Ricky Rubio’s Cube

The Timberwolves’ front office could never figure this puzzle out, so they sent it back to the manufacturer.

Beanie Wells Babies

Had a very quiet launch, but finally starting to heat up with collectors (especially in keeper leagues).

Tickle Me Tebow

He’s been a holiday favorite for so long we almost forget what a surprise mover and shaker he was as a freshman back-up present.

Phil Rizzuto Razor Scooter

Holy cow! What’s with all the crazy kids trying to run us over on the sidewalk?

Grant Fuhr-by

Teach this creature the basics of hockey and it’ll go on to post a career 3.38 goals against average for the next 21 years.

Teenage Mutant High School Draft Picks

Most hoops fans think of Darryl Dawkins, Moses Malone, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant as the Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael of the Prep-to-Pros. Let’s not forget Reggie Harding, who was the first player drafted from high school straight to the NBA in 1962 by the Pistons.

Charlie Batch Kids

Every one comes with a birth certificate and two Super Bowl rings.

Wang Zhizhi Pet

Why waste your time tracking down a fake hamster when you can get the first Chinese player ever to suit up in the NBA?