Chris McKendry: Elena Della Donne Story

Chris McKendry

Interesting follow-up by Marc Schwarz on Elena Della Donne, the best high school basketball player in the country in 2008. She lasted just two days at UCONN before asking a friend to take her home to Delaware in the summer of 2008. Della Donne quit basketball and decided to play volleyball at the University of Delaware. So many were shocked and concerned. It was said that SHE had devoted her life to basketball. But did SHE really devote her life or did her parents devote HER life. They hired her a personal trainer at age seven. As she grew to 6'5", she developed an incredible shot. She was also a tired athlete and an unhappy girl. By the time she abruptly left UCONN, she admitted to having zero passion for her sport and the competition. She said she had felt this way for years.

Wow. The smiley face of women's basketball for years to come actually hated her sport. She sounds like Andre Agassi who admits to many of the same feelings in his new book.

Check out Mark's follow-up piece as she returns to basketball...and finally on HER terms.