David Lloyd: Bizarre Moment From BCS National Championship

David Lloyd

Of all the bizarre moments from last night's BCS national championship game - Nick Saban going fake punt on a 4th and 23, Texas rocketing a kickoff off Bama's up man to recover their 2nd kickoff of the night, Colt McCoy leaving with a dead arm - was just seeing Nate Newton's son.

We all remember Nate. I don't want to call him fat, lets just say his belly had "hang time". So how does an overweight, plodding offensive guard have a son who's a halfback? Tre Newton is slim. He's fast. It looks like you could fit 3 of him into his dad. If you just eyeballed the players on that field last night, most would guess that Mount Cody was Nate's progeny. What kind of twists and turns did that DNA have to take to windup with Nate Newton's scatback son?