David Lloyd: No Love for Chris Johnson?

David Lloyd

People in the know - guys like Trent Dilfer - say that Peyton Manning is like Michael Jordan, i.e. he should be the MVP every year. He does everything for that team, working in new receivers without a hitch, an offensive coordinator on the field, and the best clutch quarterback with the game on the line - witness his seven 4th quarter comebacks this year. So, I have no problem with Manning as the MVP. My question is: what does a running back have to do to get any traction in the MVP voting? Chris Johnson rushes for 2,000 yards with teams stacking the line against the Titans, and he doesn't get a single vote?? I know quarterback is THE position in the NFL, but Shaun Alexander won this award in 2005, and LT came back and won it the next year. So, where was the love for Chris Johnson in 2009?.