Kevin Negandhi: I'm Not Buying It

Kevin Negandhi

Discussion off the air here during the show is how many of our NFL analysts are picking the Jets to win this weekend against the Colts. Players don't need motivation when playing for the Super Bowl but you have to think this message is being sent inside the Colts locker room to Peyton Manning and Dwight Freeney. The regular season means nothing now but it's still stunning that a Jets team which needed to play desperate football the final month of the season just to make the playoffs find itself 4 quarters away from Miami with the experts on its side. I gotta tell you, I'm not buying it. The Colts have won every game when their starters are in and playing for something this season. That streak will continue on Sunday. Peyton and Dwight get their chance to close the Jets the way they wanted to during the regular season.