Steve Levy: Tonight's Highlights - Alex vs Sid and Kobe vs Lebron

Steve Levy

Most of us on the SportsCenter crew, in front of and behind the camera, are much closer to grizzled sports broadcasting veterans than wide eyed rookies of the biz…I'm not saying we've seen everything but we've seen a lot…you have to go quite the distance to surprise us with something that is related to sports video…so it was so refreshing to see what began building Tuesday when someone first casually mentioned in one of our show meetings that on Thursday night, in an odd schedule twist, Lebron was playing Kobe at the same time Sid would be skating against Alex…the thought of it gained even more momentum yesterday and leading up to gametime tonight, even our newsroom had a playoff atmosphere to it...it its one of the great sports arguments of all time and it plays well in every era…currently, while you can argue who are the 2 clear-cut best players in MLB or the NFL, there is no such squabble in the NHL and NBA…everybody else is fighting for 3rd place…to have the 2 best players in their respective sports going head to head on the same night is pure…well, of course, its pure scheduling genius…kidding…of course, its just plain luck…even with Gary Bettman having spent his younger years in the NBA front office, I can assure that neither league conferred with the other to make tonight happen…I guess the only complaint might be…next time, could they stagger the start times by about 2 and a half hours so we could all watch both in their entirety…

PS... those of you who crave hockey prior to the 1st commercial in SportsCenter, tonight's your night…enjoy