About Last Night: Pictures From Saturday, Feb. 20th

Apolo Ohno Olympics Speedskating

Sung Si-Bak was shocked to learn that the arm bar was, in fact, legal.

Vince Vaughn and Benny the Bull

Vince Vaughn and Benny the Bull recreate a pivotal scene of forbidden love from "Southside Story."

Bill Schuffenhauer

"Bill, for the last time, you gotta stop ironing your bobsledding suits while they're still on you."

Tracy McGrady drives past Serge Ibaka

To his horror, Tracy McGrady realizes he's making his debut during the night of a full Serge Ibaka.

US curling fans

"Y'know, I thought it was impossible to top the dorkiness of a modified Cheesehead hat, but I think I found a way."