Michael Finley Solidifies Celtics as Most Experienced Team in the League

Michael Finley

"Hey, if you're going strictly by appearances, Greg Oden is way more experienced than me."

Newly-minted free agent (and, along with Shaq, one of the NBA's Saturday birthday boys) Michael Finley is a free agent no more. The swingman got the contract buyout he requested from the Spurs earlier this week and should be available to suit up for the Celtics by Sunday. Not quite the vote of confidence Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich had in mind as the season enters the home stretch.

Glancing at the new roster, one thing comes to mind: Man, is this Celtics team ever EXPERIENCED. With the addition of Finley, the Celtics now have been playing professional basketball for more than a century. Think about this: if the team adds Lindsey Hunter (they still have an empty roster slot), they'll have logged enough NBA years to extend back to the dawn of hoops itself. Your average Celtic has seven and a half seasons under his belt. Remove Marcus Landry, Glen Davis and Rajon Rondo from the mix and that average jumps to nine seasons, or a tad longer than Kwame Brown's career (not that we're equating Boston to a team of Kwame Browns). What a distinguished group of professional sportsmen!

Now that Boston is starting to corner the market on uber-veteran talent, is it time for other franchises to make a run on their own specialties? Should the Jazz add Viktor Khryapa and go for the All-Ex-Soviet squad? Maybe the Cavs can find a way to bring Melo on board in the offseason to complete that All-Headband roster. Come to think of it, they could also draft Wayne Chism and keep that look up and down the roster. Ultimately, couldn't this be the answer to the Nets woes? They could blow up the roster this summer and come back next year with Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas, Ron Artest, Chris "Birdman" Anderson and make an All-Headline team. Don't worry, we didn't forget the center. The Nets will draft Brittney Griner and get ready for the fireworks.