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Anthony Johnson is Montana basketball. Or at least he was, in the second half of last night's Big Sky tournament final against Weber State. His Grizzlies had only scored 20 points and found themselves down by 20 points at the half when he put them onto his back and carried them into the NCAA Tournament. He poured in a career-high (and tournament-record) 42 points, including Montana's last 21 while personally outscoring all of Weber State 34-25 in the second half. And it means the Grizzlies are dancing for the first time since 2006, when they upset Nevada in the first round as a 12-seed.

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More from The Rundown, including the North Texas Kiss and the Wonderlic score for Tim Tebow, after the jump.


Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks found themselves down by 18 points against the Nets. But since this is the NBA (where everybody makes a run, especially against the Nets), they rallied to win their 13th straight. That ties for the longest such streak this season (see also: Cleveland Cavaliers). Which has all of North Texas singing. Or at least something does. Seriously. If you watch one viral video clip with your Cocoa Pebbles this morning, make it "This Kiss".

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While Tim Tebow tied a Combine record for quarterbacks with a vertical jump of 38.25 inches, his score on the Wonderlic test (22) was below average for that of an NFL quarterback (24). And well below that of the past seven Super Bowl winners (30.1). But well above Dan Marino (15).


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