Steve Levy: Give McNabb More Respect

Was going to go after Saints head coach Sean Peyton for his sour grapes response to the passing of the NFL’s new overtime rules apparently while he was napping or golfing, but instead I thought I’d go with somebody who really has a gripe … Have to feel for Donovan McNabb … Year after year he’s treated by the Eagles as if he’s a Chad Pennington type … having to prove himself every season. Now I know that’s what the NFL is all about (see no guaranteed contracts) but wouldn’t it be nice if just one off-season McNabb could rest easy about not being moved out of Philly. All I'm saying is that for McNabb to have to deal with this again, Kevin Kolb BETTER BE GREAT … I'm talking in the Drew Brees neighborhood, the next coming of Eli … asking for Peyton or Brady is simply unfair … and if he is, fine then move McNabb and move on … but then the Philly brass should make up their mind right now and get McNabb out of the limbo position … At this point Kolb is an unknown, Michael Vick is well known, but McNabb is the only proven commodity of the bunch … I’d just like to see him get a little more respect, I believe he has earned it … and let's not put everybody through this again in a year from now.