Steve Levy: C'mon, Urban...

Steve Levy

Urban Meyer, "c'mon, man"...what are you doing? I know and can appreciate what you think you were doing, protecting one of your players (and maybe one of your former players), but by taking on a local newspaper reporter in the manner you did, you just came across like a big schoolyard bully.

Forgetting that the scribe accurately quoted the young man, your actions have now ignited this little-bitty-tucked-away story in Gainesville and ignited it into national news for all to see. So did you really do Deonte Thompson a favor with your 30-second rant or did you just turn him into a household name for a week? Here's hoping an apology from you is coming soon - to a newspaper guy just doing his job and to your player who didn’t ask for any of this attention - it’s a chance to set the right example.