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Pictures From Monday, April 5th

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
"Look, I'm holding a 'nyet.' Get it? It's Russian for 'no.' Can you hear me now, New Jersey?"
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Jon Scheyer celebrates Duke's National Championship by delivering a flying superman punch to Matt Howard of Butler. Because that's how he rolls.

Harry How/Getty Images
"Before the first question, let me just say one thing - no making fun of my goatee. Please. I'm really happy with it. OK, let's get started..."

Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images
"Mr. President, you appear to know some people in the White Sox organization - can you please tell Ozzie Guillen to keep tweeting? That dude is awesome!"

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
"Bobby, you've been around the game a long time - can you please give me some insight into how the new iPad will impact Major League Baseball?"

G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images
"Why yes, Johnny, that's a beautiful smile. You should be in pictures!"