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Craig Anderson put the "0" in the Avalanche's 1-0 overtime win over the Sharks with 51 saves. Only two guys ever had more saves in a playoff shutout since the league expanded from the Original Six (see also: Dominik Hasek in 1994, and Patrick Roy in 1996). But Dan Boyle put in the "1" when he put one into his own net 51 seconds into overtime. Oops. But at least it's only game three of the first round, and not the deciding game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Right, Chris Phillips? Right, Marc-Andre Fleury?

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Happy Patriots' Day! Remember the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the shot heard round the world? Of course you do. So take the day off. But check with your boss first. Or call in sick. ("You fake a stomach cramp, and when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms.") Then, if you're in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, eat a big breakfast, because the Boston Marathon starts at 10:00 am ET. (You can skip breakfast if you want to honor the 30th anniversary of Rosie Ruiz skipping most of the 1980 race before crossing the finish line.) And then, at 11:05 am ET, the Sox host the Rays over at Fenway. Boston is 6-0 on Patriots' Day under Terry Francona. But Tampa Bay is 6-0 on their current 10-game road trip.

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Rain pushed the NASCAR's Sprint Cup and Nationwide races to this afternoon in Texas. And if both races are run, 15 drivers could be behind the wheel for 801 miles. (It's only 770 miles to race from Tijuana to the California-Oregon border.) The last time there were 800 miles of NASCAR racing on one day was October 11, 2003 in Charlotte. Jamie McMurray and Michael Waltrip both ran all 534 laps that day, and Kevin Harvick ran 533.



Since that volcano in Iceland has made air travel in Europe nearly impossible, FC Barcelona has chartered a bus for the first leg of their Champions League semifinal against Inter in Milan. Yesterday, they drove 394 miles from Spain to Cannes, France. Today, they'll drive the other 218 miles into Italy. The match is scheduled for tomorrow, so they should arrive in plenty of time. (Unless Clark Griswold is driving.)

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