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Stephen Strasburg shined up 14K in 7 innings and won his big league debut against the Pirates. And he was on quite a roll - fanning 7 of the last 7 batters he faced - when he got yanked for a pinch-hitter. So he finished just one strikeout short of the record for strikeouts in a MLB debut. (Rest easy, Karl Spooner of the 1954 Dodgers and J.R. Richard of the 1971 Astros.) Strasburg's next scheduled start is Sunday at Cleveland, where the Indians have won just 8 times in 24 games all season. (Those same Indians who have the third-most strikeouts in the American League.)

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The Blackhawks could clinch their first Cup since 1961 tonight in Philly (8:00 ET). At 47 years, that's the longest active drought in the sport. And if it does end tonight, it likely won't be without some drama. Two of the last three Finals to end in Game 6 ended deep in overtime (see: Jason Arnott for the Devils in double-OT in 2000, and Brett Hull in the crease for the winner for the Stars in triple-OT in 1999). And the third came just two years ago when Marian Hossa missed a game-tying chance at the buzzer for the Pens. Hossa then moved on to the Red Wings only to lose the Final again last season. Hossa then moved on to the Blackhawks this season. And to distract Chicago fans from that fact, the Tribune printed up a picture of the Flyers' Chris Pronger in a skirt. (That'll do it.)

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Sure, Derek Fisher was the player of the game for the Lakers. But as you look at his 11 points in the fourth quarter, don't overlook his incredibly effective defense all night long. Of Allen's aforementioned 0-fer, 8 of those shots came with Fisher guarding him. And all told, Fisher's opponents were 1-11 shooting in Game 3 when he guarded them (see also: Rajon Rondo 0-1, Kevin Garnett 0-1, Paul Pierce 1-1).

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