Kevin Durant Signs 5-Year Extension
With Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant's agent Aaron Goodwin confirmed Durant has signed a maximum extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sources with knowledge of the deal told ESPN.com's Marc Stein that Durant will receive the five-year maximum from the Thunder, estimated at $86 million. The specific amount will be determined when the salary cap numbers are finalized on July 8, and Durant can officially sign the contract. "The Thunder showed the Durant family from the very beginning, at 11:01 [Central time] the first night, that they were committed to keeping him," Goodwin said, referring to the start of the free agency period. "There were just a few legal things to work out. Kevin made it clear that he wanted to be in Oklahoma."

The deal does not contain an opt-out clause after the fourth season, which means Oklahoma City holds Durant's rights through the 2015-16 when his new contract kicks in starting with the 2011-12 campaign. "Kevin wanted to make this commitment to the Thunder because he and his family are very appreciative of the commitment that the Thunder have made to him," Aaron Goodwin, Durant's agent, said of the five-year arrangement.