NY Giants Go Elementary School With P.E. Drills

Tom Coughlin

AP Photo/Mike Groll

Tom Coughlin leads his squad in the land-based version of "Sharks and Minnows."

With NFL training camps in full swing, coaches are reaching deep into their bag of tricks to motivate rusty players. Take New York Football Giants honcho Tom Coughlin, who's instituted the childhood playground game Hot Potato into the team's workouts. It's been such a hit that next on the curriculum is - no kidding - musical chairs. Things could get very ugly if 300-p0und-and-up Goliaths like Chris Snee and Rocky Bernard are left when "California Girls" stops playing on the sound system.

However, dropping recess into the mix isn't such a bad idea. The last time Coughlin mixed the preseason up with something as frivolous as a bowling party the Giants won the Super Bowl. Here are a few additions coach might want to consider:

Red Rover

Pros: As a name-based game, it's the perfect icebreaker for veterans and rookies alike.

Cons: Creates high risk for "pantsing" opportunities.

Red Light/Green Light

Pros:Great method of addressing false start penalties.

Cons: May have the unexpected consequence of making it easier to "freeze" kicker Lawrence Tynes.

Marco Polo

Pros: Develops listening skills needed for audibles in Qwest Field-like conditions. Water-based means it's relatively low impact (unlike Musical Chairs ... seriously coach, that's a hip injury waiting to happen).

Cons: Your average lineman in a Speedo. Shudder.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Pros: Nothing develops that quick first step like having to jump up and chase your teammate from a sitting position.

Cons: Ahmad "Duck" Bradshaw running away from Rich Seubert is funny for the first couple of times around the circle, then it just gets kind of sad.


Pros: There's got to be something about a game that everyone from hipsters to Ron Artest can get into.

Cons: Nobody wants to be on the team opposite Eli.