About Last Night: Pictures From Friday, August 20th

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
"These two guys enjoyed 'Piranha 3D'. I just thought everyone should know that."
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
"Hey, Carlos! Stop speaking Klingon through your mitt - you're confusing the heck outta Jeremy here!"

AP Photo/Charles Krupa
How did the Red Sox give up 16 runs to Toronto? Well, for one, Meredith Vieira didn't have her usual stuff.

AP Photo/Morry Gash
Brewers manager Ken Macha has been studying hard for his fantasy football draft this year.

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson
"Don't get down on yourself, Jake - you're not the only one who thought Heidi and Spencer were still together."

AP Photo/Matt Slocum
Major League Baseball would be wise to adopt the "Pregame Worm" presently being tested during the Little League World Series.