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The first pick of the NFL Draft gets his first start tonight when the Rams visit the Patriots. And coach Steve Spagnolo says that all of his starters will play a full first half. The second half is another story, as is the final preseason game since nobody wants anybody to get hurt before the opener. Which means that now is the time for you to stare at the TV the way your dog stares at the TV.

Preview | This is how your dog stares the TV.

More from The Rundown, including why the box score from that Rockies game is worth double-checking, and why Plaxico Burress might be an imprisoned thief, after the jump.


Back in that Rockies game, the Braves became just the fourth National League team in the live-ball era to have all 9 starters record an extra-base hit in the same game. The last team to do that was the 1978 Expos. Those Expos and the other two teams to do that won by AT LEAST 16 runs. Are we sure the Braves lost yesterday?


"Bottom line, I never got paid. He basically stole my number."

- Former Giants punter Jeff Feagles used to wear No. 10, but gave it to Eli Manning when Manning agreed to pay for Feagles and his family to take a vacation in Florida. Feagles also used to wear No. 17, but gave it to Plaxico Burress when Burress agreed to pay for Feagles and his family's new outdoor kitchen. Only one of them paid as agreed. And the other is now in prison.