About Last Night: Pictures From Saturday, September 11th

Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images
Team USA assistant coach Nate McMillan cheers on Mike Krzyzewski and Jay Triano as they practice their synchronized aggressive-clapping routine.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images
"I can't believe no one else wore a tie. You guys said you we were all going to wear ties today!"

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images
David Beckham and his Galaxy teammates are shocked that referee Alex Prus has never heard the song, "Spice Up Your Life."

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images
Please excuse the South Carolina mascot from getting a little cocky while celebrating South Carolina's 17-6 win over Georgia. He can't help it. It's his name.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images
Jim Tressel likes to surround himself with red jerseys because they really make his gray sweater vest pop.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
The jury's still out on whether Florida quarterback John Brantley's game lives up to Tim Tebow's, but his manners certainly stack up.