The Saints Could Land A Tecmo Super Bowl Kicker


AP Photo

"If you build it miss it, he John Carney will come."

Tough break for the dude selling the Garrett Hartley game-used Saints Super Bowl helmet -- yesterday's performance could not have helped the sale of that $12,000 treasure. The 29-yard field goal attempt Hartley shanked in the New Orleans Saints overtime loss to Atlanta was the shortest-missed field goal in OT since 2005. Last year's playoff hero has now missed three of his seven attempts this season and, according to Adam Schefter, New Orleans has already reached out to some veteran kickers.

That's horrible news for Hartley, but amazing news for classic gamers. The Saints are rumored to have interest in 46-year-old former Saints kicker John Carney, which would give New Orleans possession of the only active NFL player from Nintendo's 1991 cult classic Tecmo Super Bowl. The last Tecmo Super Bowl player to appear in an NFL game was Giants punter Jeff Feagles (on the Eagles in Tecmo) who recently retired from the NFL prior to the 2010 season.

The acquisition of Carney would likely score New Orleans some extra fans via the Tecmo Super Bowl fan base, but Carney comes with his own baggage. In 2003, Carney missed a game-tying extra point to keep the Saints playoffs hopes alive after New Orleans scored a 75-yard touchdown against the Jags with no time left on the clock.

As for Hartley, if his kicking days in The Big Easy are in fact over and he's not yet ready to call it a career at age 24, he may want to check out Xit Games. He could make a killing as an underground field goal-kicking hustler. Stay tuned ...