Mad Props Week 4: Baltimore, Pittsburgh, And A Guy Who's Not Even Playing


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Charlie Batch has the ball, so let's talk about Big Ben

We know there's a rivalry/homecoming going on in the NFC (see Redskins/Eagles), but what about the bitter, heated rivalry between two AFC North teams who have a history of tight, hard-hitting games?

The undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, led by fourth-stringer-QB-veteran turned starting-QB-savior-veteran Charlie Batch, are trying to go 4-0 as they face Joe Flacco's 2-1 Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field. We can almost assure you a great game, but can we guarantee a lot of talk about a guy who won't even be on the field, let alone in attendance, until next week?

Let's brush Troy Polamalu's million-dollar hair out of the way and have a look at the odds:

Number of times we'll hear about Ben Roethlisberger while Charlie Batch is on the field:

Over 10 (+200)

Under 10 (-340)

Times we hear about Ray Lewis and Ben Roethlisberger sending texts to each other:

Over 4 (+140)

Under 4 (-190)

Number of times any variation of the word "rivalry" is uttered:

15 or more (+220)

14 or less (-400)

Percentage of people waving "Terrible Towels" out of the 60,050 in attendance:

Over Half (-450)

Under Half (+250)

Times we hear yesteryear references to the Steel Curtain or Three Rivers Stadium:

Over 5 (+125)

Under 5 (-150)

Number of flashbacks we'll see of previous Steelers/Ravens games:

10 or more (+375)

9 or less (-450)

Number of talking caniforms that will shadow Ray Lewis on an interception return:

1 or more (-120)

None (+110)

Will Troy Polamalu's lovely hair be called for pass-interference?

Yes (+143)

No (-143)