From The Rundown: Who's Got Next?


Dateline: St. Petersburg (Florida, not Leningrad.) In the fifth inning of a 2-0 game, it looked like Chad Qualls caught Michael Young swinging at strike three. Sure enough, it might have also looked like that on camera. But it didn't look like that to home plate umpire Jim Wolf, who appealed to first base umpire Jerry Meals, who decided that Young didn't swing.

Next Pitch: Young hits a three-run home run to blow the game open. (And so, Joe Maddon picked up the first ejection from a postseason game by anyone since 2005.)

Dateline: Minneapolis In the seventh inning of a 2-1 game, it looked like Twins starter Carl Pavano caught Lance Berkman looking at strike three. Technically, it looked like that on MLB's own PitchFX cameras, which showed the ball to actually be over the white part of the plate. But it didn't look like that to home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, who called it a ball.

Next Pitch: Berkman hits a double that ended up bringing home the game-winning RBI for the Yankees. (And so Ron Gardenhire picked up the first ejection from a postseason game by anyone in about three hours.)

And so for the first time in MLB postseason history, two different managers were ejected from two different games on the same day. Somehow, Bobby Cox managed to stick around for all nine innings of his game (despite what happened - or didn't - to Buster Posey). What could the umpires be seeing? Hopefully, not CNN.

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Dating back to the regular season, the Reds haven't scored in their last 30 innings at Citizens Bank Park. Unfortunately for them, that's in Philadelphia where the Phillies play. And in fact, dating back to 2009, the Reds have now lost seven straight road games at Philadelphia. And after the Roy called Halladay held them without a hit in Game 1, they get to face the Roy called Oswalt in Game 2. And that's a good thing. Not because he's the Roy that's 23-3 against the Reds in his career. But because two of those three losses and none of those 23 wins came against the Reds this year.



Talk about turning over a new Leaf. (See what happened there? Clever.) Toronto has started this NHL season 1-0-0 with a 3-2 win over Montreal in the league's oldest rivalry. That came after they started last season 0-7-1. And it came a full decade after they last won their home opener. Meanwhile, your defending Cup champion Blackhawks went down in overtime to the Avalanche. After all the roster turnover in the offseason, Chicago might not look like the champs except for one thing - they're the fifth champ in the last six seasons to lose their opener.

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