Running For Team Tillman

John Anderson

I hate to run... and when I do run, I have an ankle that will not cooperate. If I run too far I can barely walk the next day. Naturally I am running the New York Marathon in nine days. But if I can just get to the line I know I can get to the end... because I'm part of a special group. I am a member of Team Tillman. So this has nothing to do with me, or my ankle, it's about honoring Pat Tillman. A football player I knew, a man I admired.

On November 7th, 40 people off all ages and abilities from all across the country will run united by a common goal: helping to raise money and awareness in support of the Pat Tillman Foundation and the Tillman Military Scholars program. Each marathoner will raise $4,240. 42-40... Pat's jersey numbers in college and the pros. There will be suffering over the 26 miles... but no sacrifice compared to Pat's. There will be Exhaustion and Pride in equal measure as we help further Pat's legacy of leadership and service. Running... for a man who ran for nothing.