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The National Football League released an 11-page guide yesterday that detailed some rules regarding hits that just aren't allowed. It also included black-and-white drawings of players delivering hits that just aren't allowed, and contained a reminder that officials who are unsure of whether or not to call a foul on a hit like that "should lean toward player safety and call the foul." It's a redistribution of information was included in the 2010 League Policies for Players manual, something that was first distributed to players and coaches at the start of training camp. Meanwhile, Microsoft might want to consider releasing a similar guide, based on the early video evidence of its new Kinect.

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"Mr. Davis likes what Jason has done the past month and doesn't see the need to change when things are going well. He thinks Jason is a classic fit for the Raiders style of play."

- A person familiar with the situation that is the Oakland Raiders told the San Jose Mercury News that owner Al Davis wants Jason Campbell under center. A little over a week ago, head coach Tom Cable said Bruce Gradkowski was the "clearcut" starter at quarterback. Cable also said there was "no issue" regarding the quarterback position. This week, Cable said he'll stick with Campbell indefinitely. He's got a good feeling about this.

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17 (3/7/2006)

The Clippers helped the Hornets get to 7-0 last night and keep their best-ever start going strong. And for that, they get to travel from New Orleans to San Antonio to take on the Spurs tonight (9:30 ET ESPN). The Clippers have not beaten the Spurs since March 7, 2006. That's 17 straight games, if you're counting. That's the longest active losing streak one NBA team has to another NBA team, four more than the 13 straight these same Clippers have dropped to those same Hornets. But don't sleep on the Clippers. Actually, don't sleep on the train. Actually, don't sleep on the post just outside the doors of a train.

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