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Welcome to the NFL, Jason Garrett. The Cowboys headed up to the Meadowlands and snapped their 5-game losing streak. And they snapped the Giants' 5-game winning streak. Jon Kitna summed it up nicely. "I think the difference, first and foremost, is the freakish disasters that have kind of defined our season didn't happen tonight for us," he said, apparently forgetting about the freakish disaster that plunged the New Meadowlands Stadium into darkness. This year has not been a good year for the electric company. See also:

- September 30: Red Sox at White Sox in Chicago

- June 24: Dodgers at Angels in Anaheim

- January 8: Lightning at Devils in Newark

We should probably blame the guys who put utility poles in places like this.

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More from The Rundown, including the biggest win by a cat on the gulf coast (which makes David Garrard and the Jaguars No. 2), and the Lakers (technically) on a losing streak, after the jump.


The Suns made a lot of three-pointers last night against the Lakers. 22 of them. 23 is the all-time NBA record (see: Magic, 2009). But still, the Lakers had a chance to win. Lamar Odom got banged by Hedo Turkoglu and made the layup to make it a two-point game. A free throw would have made it a one-point game. A Lakers free throw would have, anyway. The whistle didn't come until Odom signaled to Ron Artest that he was fouled. And that whistle was for a technical foul on Odom, which put Steve Nash at the free throw line instead. He made it, which gave the Suns a three-point lead and the ball. The game ended in a five-point Lakers loss, their second in a row after eight wins in a row to start the season.

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Mike Thomas caught a 50-yard hail mary from David Garrard with 0:00 left on the clock to give the Jaguars the home win over the Texans. It's just the fourth time in NFL history that a team completed a game-winning touchdown pass of at least 50 yards with no time remaining in the fourth quarter of a regular season game. And thankfully, Gus Johnson had the call. And thankfully, it's not even the biggest win by a cat at home on the Gulf Coast that you'll see today. But only if you click here.

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