Two NBA Players: Who would you rather have?

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We have two players available for your selection. We'll call them Player A and Player B. Both were on teams that won 50+ games last year. Both were on teams that made the postseason. Both currently play on teams that have another superstar on them. Both players are currently their team's second-leading scorers. And both players primarily play point guard for their teams and are high-quality defenders.

2010-11 Season

Player A Player B

PPG 23.3 22.1

FG Pct 44.8 44.6

RPG 5.5 5.8

APG 8.1 8.9

  • Player A is 22 years old. He birthday was Nov. 12.

  • Player B is 25 years old. He'll be 26 on Dec. 30.

  • Player A is making about $4 million this season, which is 7th-most on his team.

  • Player B signed a $110 million contract in the offseason and is making about $14.5 million this season.

  • Who would you rather have?

  • Player A has never been an All-Star. He has never been a scoring champion. He has never made an All-NBA team. He has never been an MVP. He has never won an Olympic gold medal.

  • Player B is a 6-time All-Star, even a 2-time All-Star Game MVP. He is a former scoring champion. He is a 6-time All-NBA performer. He is a 2-time MVP. He won the 2008 Olympic gold medal on Team USA.

  • How about now?

    We tell you who these players are ... after the jump.

    Player A is Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Player B is LeBron James of the Miami Heat.

    The point is that Russell Westbrook is quietly having an outstanding season. While he is overshadowed by Kevin Durant, Westbrook’s numbers this season have been terrific.

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