Monday Night Football Quiz: NFC West Style


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Mike Singletary hasn't had much reason to show his face in 2010.

Sourdough Sam and Big Red haven't had much to cheer about this season. Just a year ago, Arizona (2009 NFC West winner) and San Francisco (2009 NFC West runner-up) sat atop the NFC West standings looking down at Seahawks and Rams. Fast forward to 2010, and the Cards and 49ers are tied at 3-7, behind the Rams (5-6) and the Seahawks (5-6). In other words, an 8-8 record may in fact be enough to win this division in 2010.

San Francisco enters this matchup winners of its last two versus Arizona but was shut out at home against the Bucs just one week ago. Zona didn't fair much better in Week 11 as the Chiefs dismantled them, 31-13. It doesn't take an NFL expert to realize tonight's game is a must-win for the Cards and 49ers, but it may take an expert to answer the following questions. See how you do.

1. Which player in tonight's matchup won the 2006 Heisman Trophy?

a) Larry Fitzgerald

b) Frank Gore

c) Beanie Wells

d) Troy Smith

2. San Francisco coach Mike Singletary was an unstoppable force for the Chicago Bears in which classic video game?

a) Joe Montana Football

b) 10-Yard Fight

c) Tecmo Super Bowl

3. Which of the following is not a verified Twitter account name?

a) VernonDavis85 - Vernon Davis

b) ddockett - Darnell Dockett

c) JellyBellyWells - Beanie Wells

d) PatrickWillis52 - Patrick Willis

4. The 49ers selected Alex Smith with the No. 1 overall pick in 2005 NFL Draft. Twenty-three picks later (No. 24), the second quarterback of the draft was selected. Who was it?

1) Jay Cutler

2) Jason Campbell

3) Matt Schaub

4) Aaron Rodgers

5. Cardinals running back Tim Hightower shares the same last name as a police officer in which film?

a) Dirty Harry

b) Police Academy

c) Training Day

d) French Connection

6. The Cardinals defense gives up 396.8 yards per game (heading into Week 12), the fourth most in the NFL. Which of the following teams do not give up more yards than the Cardinals per week?

a) Washington Redskins

b) New England Patriots

c) Buffalo Bills

d) Houston Texans


1) Troy Smith

2) Tecmo Super Bowl

3) JellyBellyWells

4) Aaron Rodgers

5) Police Academy

6) Buffalo Bills