SportsCenter Highlight of the Night


Remember when the Heat lost in Memphis to the Grizzlies, then found themselves on a three-game skid, and the sky came crashing down? (Hint: It was a week ago today.) So what are we supposed to do now that the Lakers find themselves on a three-game skid after losing in Memphis to the Grizzlies last night? Well, we should maybe check out the 15-2 Spurs, who improved to 8-0 on the road with a win over the Warriors in Oakland. And we should definitely maybe check out their game tonight against the Clippers in Los Angeles (10:30 ET). Because only four teams in NBA history ever won nine straight games out of the gate on the road, and all four of them won the NBA title that season (see: 1969-70 Knicks, 1961-62 Celtics, 1960-61 Celtics, 1993-94 Rockets).

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