For Sale Friday: Championship Week Treats

Tori Gurley and Marcus Lattimore

AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain

If the Gamecocks manage to pull this one off, it'll be like one of those commercials with the giant bow on the car ... times fifty.

It's Championship Week, the final gauntlet for the BCS title contenders to make their bid for college football's biggest prize ... the crystal candy dish football! We're also rounding into a crucial Sunday for the NFL, as playoff and MVP chatter heat up. And if you skipped out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, don't worry, there are plenty of sports-related deals for you to load up on for all your holiday shopping needs as we preview the next couple of days.

College Basketball

Butler vs. Duke*

Saturday at 3:15 (ET) on ESPN

Well lookee here, somebody stuck a rematch of last season's NCAA championship game into our football weekend. With Gordon Hayward gone, it'll be interesting to see how well March's Cinderella can keep pace with Coach K's juggernaut. If you're feeling a little lonely rooting for the underdog Bulldogs, you could fill your cheering section with plush Moseez. Fear the Butler Bunny and Frog, Blue Devils!

College Football

No. 1 Auburn vs. No. 19 South Carolina*

Saturday at 4 (ET) on CBS

The SEC Championship game looks to be a doozy. The Tigers may be ranked as the BCS' top team, but only after clawing themselves out of a 24-point hole last week against Alabama. Auburn's cardiac kids have managed to overcome four deficits of 13 or more this season, but the Gamecocks have some of that underdog magic of their own (see their win over the Crimson Tide on Oct. 19). If Auburn wants that shot at the national title, the team can't gift wrap another large lead to Steve Spurrier's squad. Speaking of wrapping, what better way to give your packages that extra zing than with official South Carolina ribbon on a roll. Just make sure it's not hiding an Auburn Snuggie.

College Football

No. 9 Oklahoma vs. No. 13 Nebraska*

Saturday at 8 (ET) on ABC

The final Big 12 Championship sees the ultimate meeting (pending a non-conference meeting) between Oklahoma and Nebraska before the Cornhuskers bolt for the Big Ten. The Cornhuskers haven't taken the conference title since 1999. The Sooners are 6-1 all time in the conference title game. Regardless of the outcome, celebrate the meeting by draping your own final curtains in Nebraska colors.

NFL Football

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Sunday at 8:20 (ET) on NBC

The last time these two defensive dynasties met at Heinz Field, on Oct. 3, the Ravens flew away with a stunning come-from-behind win. Now the Steelers look to return the favor. The winner pulls ahead in the two-horse race for control of the AFC North. And what better way to tell a division rival to get off your lawn than with an officially licensed garden gnome?

*Played at a neutral site. No, that doesn't include Switzerland or international waters.