SportsCenter Highlight of the Night


After the Spurs jingle-jangle-jingled the Lakers by 15 points in San Antonio last night, Los Angeles wakes up this morning to find (a windy and rainy Wednesday, with highs reaching 58, and) itself on a three game skid. And each of those three losses have come by at least 15 points (see also: Milwaukee by 19 last Tuesday, and Miami by 16 on Christmas Day). But these things can happen, especially when Kobe Bryant chucks his way through an 0-for-13 stretch from the floor. Good thing Phil Jackson was coaching and not playing. "If I was playing, I probably wouldn't pass him the ball next time." Also, Phil turned 65 in September and so he probably wouldn't be much help on the defensive end. And imagine how moody that would have made Kobe, considering he's already picked up three technical fouls in his last three games. "We're all moody," Bryant said moodily. "[Derek Fisher] got a tech today and he's the basketball version of Barack Obama. Everybody's a little moody right now." Isn't Barack Obama already the basketball version of Barack Obama? Regardless, next up for the moody Lakers are the Hornets tonight in New Orleans (8:00 ET).