Fisher sends best to grieving Ferguson

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The small town of Ferguson, Missouri, is about 15 minutes from Rams Park.

Ferguson is a town that has seen its share of tragedy and devastation in recent years as tornadoes swept through in 2011 and 2013. What happened there Sunday night was a storm of a much different type.

Michael Brown, a 17-year old Ferguson resident, was shot and killed by a local police officer Saturday afternoon. The fallout from Brown's death has created plenty of emotional responses, some of which resulted in rioting and looting at various businesses Sunday night.

The next few weeks and months will reveal the details of what really happened Saturday afternoon but for now, we can universally agree that Brown's death and the response to it is an incredibly sad situation.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher sent his best to those grieving after the team's Monday practice.

“It’s very, very tragic because of the loss of life," Fisher said. "Very, very tragic. We don’t have any details and everything, but just feel very, very bad for the family and the loss and hope that they can get things sorted out and get things settled down.”